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What problems should be paid attention to in charging and exhausting nitrogen gas springs?

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

The nitrogen gas spring is a component with elastic function. It seals the high-pressure nitrogen in the container, and increases the original elastic pressure through its high-pressure expansion. In production and use, it gradually replaces ordinary elastic elements. Ordinary spring elements do not have very good elastic force, and the service life is not long. Then there are big questions in the process of use, and we must improve our For the convenience of production and application, it is necessary to choose products with good performance in many aspects. Nitrogen plays a very good role in the production of mold industry, and it has a good compression effect on the curved blank holder. Various accessories can be used well in production. They also need certain maintenance in the production process. Just like nitrogen gas springs, they play a certain role in mold production. Then they are inflating and exhausting. What questions should be paid attention to in the process? That needs us to understand.


1. Nitrogen gas springs cannot be inflated or vented under load.

2. In the process of use, the spring must not be filled with flammable, explosive gas or flexible liquid, as it is easy to be dangerous in the production process, and the gas that needs to be filled must be nitrogen.

3. It also needs a certain amount of pressure to operate during the inflation process, and it has to slowly increase the pressure during the inflation process. The general pressure requirement is in the range of 3.4-15 Pa.

4. Do not directly use high-pressure gas for sharp fullness during the inflation process. It must be fully performed when the piston rod is exposed from the cylinder. If the high-pressure gas is used to directly inflate, it will damage the spring and also affect the operation. Damage and personal danger to personnel and machinery.

5. When it needs to be discarded after a certain degree of use, the gas inside the nitrogen gas spring must be completely removed before disposal.