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Recommendations for selecting the height of the nitrogen gas spring

Time:2021-07-02    Edit by TengFei

The height of the nitrogen gas spring determines the length of the stroke, and its ease of installation, and even affects its price. Therefore, no matter what kind of process, when choosing, we hope that the total height should not be too high, so as to avoid unstable phenomenon and too complicated structure when installing on the mold.



If the stroke is really large due to process requirements, it is recommended to use the mold seat plate system, which can reduce the mold height and improve the stability and reliability of the nitrogen spring. Sometimes in order to be safe and avoid accidents, it is necessary to increase the safety stroke of 3-5mm when selecting.

After avoiding this factor, the mold can be more precise in the adjustment of various values.

(1) According to different cold stamping process requirements, the size of the elastic force! The position of the force point can be adjusted at any time, and the adjustment is accurate! Convenient, in the mold design and debugging, it can easily achieve the balance of the elastic force.

(2) In a small space, a large initial elastic pressure can be generated, and no pre-tension is required. The force transmission module has elastic pressure when it comes into contact with its plunger. One can replace multiple springs. For the same working stroke For the mold, the height of the mold using imported mold nitrogen gas spring is much smaller than that of the mold using spring.