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The types of nitrogen gas springs

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

ISO International Standard Type

ISO nitrogen gas spring is a typical type commonly used in nitrogen gas springs. All technical parameters comply with ISO11901 gas spring international standards and my country’s national standards; B-type nitrogen gas springs also comply with FORD-WDX3560 (Ford), GM-M-150 (general) and Renault. (Renault) and other companies' nitrogen gas spring standards.


Compact structure

The compact structure is also called J-type nitrogen gas spring, which is one of the series of nitrogen gas springs. The full name is J-type compact structure nitrogen gas spring. The J-type compact nitrogen gas spring is a type that is popular among mold designers. Compared with the B-series nitrogen gas spring, it has a shorter cylinder base length, so the total length is also shorter, which can reduce the design height of the mold. It is a special nitrogen for molds. One of the selection varieties of springs.


It is a model of the base length among all nitrogen springs in the world. At the same time, the outer diameter is one grade smaller than other types of nitrogen gas springs (except the T-shaped extra-thin structure), but the diameter of the piston rod is the same, so it has a small body and a large force. C-type nitrogen gas spring requires not too long working stroke. All aspects of performance are no less than ISO standard nitrogen gas springs.

Extra-thin structure

It is a kind of nitrogen gas spring with a compact cylinder diameter. It is a piston-sealed type with an outer diameter smaller than that of the compact type. The working stroke of the H-type nitrogen gas spring series is generally only 50mm, and its performance is no less than that of the C-type gas spring.