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What is the nitrogen back pressure gas of the nitrogen spring?

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

What is the nitrogen back pressure gas of the mold nitrogen spring? In industry, the operation of back pressure gas nitrogen generally uses nitrogen to act in the place where carbon dioxide gas exists. This main technical setting is based on the consideration of current environmental factors, mainly to reduce the cost of products and reduce the impact on environmental factors. In the mold nitrogen spring, the back pressure process of the use of carbon dioxide gas is concerned, because considering that nitrogen is used as the global replacement of carbon dioxide, the back pressure nitrogen generated by the action of carbon dioxide gas and nitrogen is properly handled.


Beverage filling and processing carbonated beverages widely use limited carbon dioxide and obvious carbonization process, and in the process, the back pressure during the cylinder bottling process is maintained. The use of limited carbon dioxide in this process not only contributes to greenhouse gases, but is also a significant cost to the company. Nitrogen is used differently all over the world, but its common future development research is still similar. They all want to replace carbon dioxide in the bottling process. The corresponding survey results summarized the exchange process between carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The existing relationship can be completed in a relatively simple way.