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What are the advantages of nitrogen gas springs compared to traditional springs?

Time:2021-06-23    Edit by TengFei

Nitrogen gas spring is an important part with elastic function and is widely used in mold industry. In the mold industry production, this kind of elastic element has been used in large quantities, and it has taken on an important role in the production of industrial molds, which saves costs for enterprises and ensures the stability of product quality. The high-pressure nitrogen is sealed in a specific container, and the external force compresses the rod while compressing the nitrogen; the external force relaxes and the high-pressure nitrogen expands, thereby obtaining a certain elastic pressure. The springs, rubbers and air cushions are traditional conventional elastic components. They have solved the needs of various elastic energy storage in industrial production for a long time. However, with the continuous improvement and development of mold technology and mold manufacturing technology, these traditional The conventional components gradually can no longer meet the needs of industrial development.

First, the mold structure is more precise and complex, pursuing high efficiency and longevity, and conventional components take a long time;

Second, conventional components occupy a large space and increase production costs;

Third, the elastic force of conventional components is not stable, and the quality of the products produced is not ideal.

In general, it has the following advantages:

1. The power that can be provided is greater, and the maximum power that can be provided is 20t;

2. A larger stroke can be provided, and the compression stroke of a traditional nitrogen cylinder can be provided within 200;

3. Compared with hardware springs, the force tends to be more stable. It is precisely because of this that it is often the first choice in the automotive mold and large stroke stamping mold industry.

It is also because of the obsolescence and obsolescence of the traditional conventional elastic elements. The new type of elastic functional parts can not only make up for the shortcomings of the above-mentioned conventional elastic elements to the maximum extent, but also simplify the mold design and manufacture and make the adjustment of the mold more convenient. At the same time, it can also be used as an independent component to be installed in the mold; or it can be designed as a spring system to run together as a part of the mold, which greatly facilitates the realization of constant spring force and delay action.

The use of nitrogen gas springs in industrial mold manufacturing is very large. As a new type of elastic component, it is small in size, large in elasticity, long in stroke, stable in work, and precise in manufacturing. Its maximum service life is as long as one million times, and it does not require imaging. The spring is pre-tensioned, and the elastic curve is also quite gentle. It can complete many tasks that conventional elastic elements cannot. Widely used in the industrial mold industry, it has brought great progress to the mold manufacturing industry, and it also has extremely high safety. Therefore, it is widely used in the automobile industry, electronics industry, instrument industry, light industry and so on.