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Why must nitrogen gas springs be filled with nitrogen?

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

1. Nitrogen has been used in other fields for nearly 30 years, and it is used in equipment with high safety requirements, such as airplanes, space shuttles, and automobile tires.

2. Compared with general gas, high-purity nitrogen has a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion due to its absence of oxygen, moisture and oil, which can effectively reduce heat accumulation during die stamping, greatly improve safety, and reduce accidents. .

3. Nitrogen is a diatomic gas, chemically inactive, and audio conductivity is very low, only equivalent to 1/5 of ordinary air, so the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce noise and provide a quiet environment.

4. Filling with nitrogen can effectively extend the service life of the nitrogen spring. Because after using nitrogen, the die stamping is more stable, and the spring gas volume change is also small, which greatly reduces the stamping friction of the die and virtually improves the life of the nitrogen spring. The nitrogen produced by the currently widely used nitrogen separator can greatly remove oxygen, sulfur, oil, water and most impurities in the air, prolong the life of the nitrogen spring, and can also reduce the occurrence of rust in the nitrogen spring.