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How many cleaning methods for nitrogen gas springs?

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

In daily life, I believe everyone has some knowledge and understanding of nitrogen gas springs. They are small in size, large in elasticity, long in stroke, stable in operation, precise in manufacturing, and long in service life. Although nitrogen gas springs are not easy to rust, stains still appear on the surface, so what are the cleaning methods for gas springs?


1. Labels and films, use warm water, weak detergent to scrub; dust and easy to remove scales, use soap, weak detergent or warm water to wash; binder component, use alcohol or organic solution; surface contaminants of nitrogen gas spring Use nitric acid (10%) or abrasive detergent to wash the rust caused by using special detergents. If there are too many rainbow patterns, using detergent or oil, use mild detergent in warm water when washing.

2. The nitrogen spring manufacturer stated that when washing, please pay attention to avoid surface scratches and avoid using bleaching ingredients and detergent containing abrasives, steel balls (brush roller balls), grinding tools, etc., in order to remove the detergent, at the end of the washing, Rinse the surface with clean water.

3. The welding of the spring changes color when heated, wash it with 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid solution, and then neutralize it with ammonia water, carbonated soda light solution, and then wash the stainless steel spring with water—special use for washing medicine; organic carbide adheres and soaks in the heat The sex detergent or ammonia solution is then washed with a weakly abrasive detergent, and so on.

4. Using these methods to clean stainless steel products can reduce the damage of stainless steel products, and make stainless steel products look more comfortable and more comfortable to use.

5. The fat, oil, and lubricating oil pollution of the nitrogen gas spring should be wiped dry with a soft cloth or paper and then washed with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or a special detergent; fingerprints, with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene), Wipe dry with a soft cloth and then wash with water; bleach and kind of acid attached immediately rinse with water, soak in ammonia or neutral carbonated soda aqueous solution, and then wash with neutral detergent or warm water.