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Advantages and structural characteristics of nitrogen gas springs

Time:2021-05-23    Edit by TengFei

Nitrogen gas springs have been widely used in mold manufacturing, which can increase mold life and simplify mold design. In recent years, the demand for molds for industrial products has increased. Factors such as volume, elasticity, life, and elastic pressure are important indicators to measure mold springs. Nitrogen gas springs are small in size (which saves mold space) and have large elasticity Reduce the number of springs), long life (can reduce the number of mold repairs) and other advantages stand out among many mold springs.


The structure of the nitrogen gas spring

The nitrogen gas spring is composed of a spring retaining ring, a sealing ring, a plunger, a cylinder block, a bushing, a guide ring, and a dustproof sealing ring. In the structural design of the nitrogen gas spring, the sealing technology is the key technology for the quality assessment of the nitrogen gas spring. The manufacture of nitrogen gas springs is a product that integrates various technical applications. Long-term sealing of high-pressure gas is much more difficult than liquid sealing. Among them are the sealing structure, the path and form of static and dynamic sealing, the precision of cylinder wall manufacturing, surface roughness, surface treatment technology, selection of sealing materials, and sealing Reliability and longevity, etc.

Features of nitrogen gas springs

1. Durable

The nitrogen gas spring piston rod is precisely processed, with good wear resistance, surface roughness below Ra0.02um, high hardness, high-quality piston rod and high-performance sealing device, ensuring the long-term life of the nitrogen spring.

2. It can reduce costs

The nitrogen gas spring has the characteristics of small size (saving assembly space), large elastic force (saving the number of installations), long life (reducing the number of maintenance), and constant elastic pressure (saving replacement costs). These characteristics are put in the mold manufacturing, that is the proper cost reduction performance.