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How to choose the right nitrogen gas spring?

Time:2022-05-18    Edit by TengFei

Nitrogen gas spring for die (referred to as die nitrogen gas spring or nitrogen gas spring or nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen cylinder) is a new type of elastic component with high-pressure nitrogen as the working medium. It has a long life (one million times), a flat elastic curve, and does not require preloading, etc. It has the work that is difficult to complete with conventional elastic components such as metal springs, rubber and air cushions, simplifies mold design and manufacturing, and facilitates mold installation and adjustment. Extend the service life of the mold and ensure the stability of product quality. It can also be designed as a nitrogen gas spring system. As part of the mold, it can easily achieve constant pressure and delay action in the system. It is a new type of flexible performance. The most ideal elastic part of the generation. What form of nitrogen spring is selected to meet the requirements of the stamping process to solve such a problem usually requires consideration of the size of the nitrogen spring, the stroke, the number of the nitrogen spring, and the boost ratio of the nitrogen spring.


1. Elastic pressure

According to the calculated punching force, select the number, model and elastic force of each nitrogen gas spring. Generally speaking, the elastic force of the nitrogen gas spring should be selected according to the calculated punching force plus an increase of 15%-20%, which is more in line with the actual situation. Because first, when the mold wears, there will be gap changes. Changes in process parameters such as cutting edge bluntness, and inconsistency between die thickness and die plate deformation resistance will cause changes in workpiece deformation resistance, so there should be room for deformation resistance in the design. Second, when the nitrogen spring is inflated, the high-pressure gas will inevitably have a throttling loss, which will make the elastic force float down. Third, the life of the nitrogen spring is very long. After a period of use, the high-pressure nitrogen gas will leak to a certain extent, causing the spring pressure to drop slightly.

2. Itinerary

No matter what kind of process, when choosing a nitrogen gas spring, it is hoped that the total height of the nitrogen gas spring is not too high, so as to avoid instability and the structure is too complicated when installing on the mold, and the larger the stroke, the higher the price of the nitrogen gas spring, this point Especially important for freestanding gas springs. If the stroke is really large due to process requirements, it is recommended to use a nitrogen gas spring seat plate system, which can reduce the height of the mold and improve the stability and reliability of the nitrogen gas spring. Sometimes in order to be safe and avoid accidents, when choosing a nitrogen gas spring, it is necessary to increase the safety stroke by 3-5mm.

3. Quantity

It should be based on the needs of the line, combined with the mold structure and the focus point, so that the mold will not appear eccentric load phenomenon during operation, and the mold must be adjusted easily. In this way, the nitrogen gas spring can have sufficient life in use.

4. Boost ratio

It can be selected according to the characteristic curve of the nitrogen gas spring and the stamping process requirements to determine the model of the nitrogen gas spring. Especially when the working force is required to change smoothly, or the working force is basically constant and the initial force is relatively large, it is more important to determine the boost ratio.


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