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Wide application of nitrogen gas springs in industrial molds

Time:2021-07-19    Edit by TengFei

In the mold industry, a large number of elastic elements have been used. In recent years, the mold technology and mold manufacturing level have been greatly developed and improved. Industrial products demand more and more molds. The molds are developing rapidly in the direction of precision, complexity, efficiency, and long life. Conventional elastic elements have certain shortcomings, which cannot meet the needs of this situation, and cannot ideally solve the requirements of the stamping process, which often affects the quality of stamping parts, makes the mold structure design more complicated, and affects the time for mold replacement on the press; At the same time, the mold space occupied by conventional elastic elements is too large, which increases the cost of mold manufacturing. For the blanking process of dense punches, such as spring or rubber discharge, the discharge space of the mold is often not enough to place the spring or rubber, so it is necessary to increase the mold space to solve such problems. Current stamping designers can only partially compensate for these shortcomings by using air cushions. However, when using a press air cushion, the design, adjustment, and use of the mold are not very convenient; due to the fluctuation of air pressure and the loss of pipe throttling, the force provided by the air cushion is not very accurate; it occupies a relatively large space; it needs to be equipped with special Of compressed air stations, and not all presses are equipped with air cushions. When using the air cushion, the mold design is restricted by the position of the air cushion ejector rod, and it is inconvenient to install and debug the mold.


In order to solve the above problems, the nitrogen gas spring was born. The nitrogen gas spring can make up for the above shortcomings, simplify the design and manufacture of the mold, and facilitate the adjustment of the mold; it can be used as an independent part to be installed in the mold, or it can be designed as a nitrogen spring system. It can be used as a part of the mold to work in the system. Convenient to realize constant elastic pressure and delay action, it is a flexible elastic component. Nitrogen gas springs can be widely used not only in the mold industry, but also in other industrial fields, such as automobiles, electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

Micro-motors are widely used in the electronics industry. The housing of micro-motors is a stamping part that requires relatively high dimensional accuracy. For example, the coaxiality between the bottom hole of the installation and the outer circle is required to be no more than 0.03 mm. For stamping parts, this is Very high dimensional accuracy, and the production batch is also large in price. In order to improve production efficiency, it is often produced with a large table press multi-stage progressive die. In the design and manufacture of progressive molds for such parts, the mold structure not only needs to be compact, but also requires very high manufacturing accuracy of mold parts, which is a high and precise mold.

Due to the high precision of mold manufacturing and high service life, if conventional elastic elements are used for drawing, pressing, and unloading in this type of abrasive tool, it will not meet the structural needs, nor can it Meet the requirements of stable stamping quality. However, the above problems can be solved by using the nitrogen spring to draw and press the edge and the continuous drawing of the pressing material, and the quality of the casing is very stable, and it has reached the level of similar foreign products. The computer drive housing is also a stamping part that is difficult to form. If the nitrogen spring is used as an air cushion in the press, and the first drawing process adopts the nitrogen spring to hold the edge, the problem of wrinkling during the drawing process can be solved, and the height and quality of the drawn part can be maintained. In the past ten years, Nailite’s engineers and technicians have helped countless companies realize their individual needs and completed one-stop services from design to production. In this regard, Nailite has a wealth of experience accumulation and technical support, and is committed to providing customers with quality services.