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The rapid development trend of the automotive mold industry in 2021

Time:2021-07-17    Edit by TengFei

In the automotive mold industry, some automotive stamping mold companies with strong technical strength and high management level gradually extend to the downstream industry chain with molds as the core, establish metal structure production lines, and provide customers with stamping molds based on their own design and development. Provide integrated services from molds to products.


1. Automobile molds are developing in the direction of precision, large-scale, automation and intelligence

In terms of precision, the entire automobile is composed of about 30,000 parts, the product structure is complex, and the precision is high. At the same time, in order to realize automatic welding and automatic assembly, the processing accuracy of automobile parts is becoming higher and higher, which promotes the mold Continuously develop in the direction of precision;

In terms of large-scale, take the stamping die as an example. In the past, automobile stamping dies generally adopted the structural design of single-station die and multi-station die. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of equipment level, it can reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Moulds are used more and more widely in the production of metal structural parts. The continuous stamping process of the sequential mold makes the design of the mold more complicated, and the volume and weight of the mold are increased;

In terms of mold automation and intelligence, on the one hand, it is reflected in the extensive use of CAD, CAE and other intelligent design and engineering software in the mold design stage, and on the other hand, it is reflected in the use of manipulator transfer technology and optical automatic inspection technology in mold production and assembly. widely used.

2. In the future, mold technology will mainly develop in the direction of new material molding technology

Safety, energy saving and emission reduction are the eternal themes of automobile development. Most of the body panels of traditional cars use steel. On the premise of not reducing the safety of the car, in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, various car manufacturers continue to try to introduce a variety of new lightweight and high-strength materials. Such as the use of high-strength steel plate, the use of galvanized sheet technology, etc. The realization of lightweight body has become the mainstream research and development direction in the design of auto parts. This requires mold companies to research and explore the qualitative and quantitative relationships between the failure modes, failure mechanisms, failure rules and material categories and parameters of new materials, and develop corresponding Lightweight, high-strength material molding technology and mold design and manufacturing technology.

3. With mold development capabilities as the core, some automotive mold companies have gradually expanded their business to the downstream parts industry

The mold technology level determines the production yield, production efficiency, and material utilization of metal structural parts. Taking the stamping die industry as an example, some stamping die companies take excellent die design capabilities as their core and play the role of "performance amplifier" for metal structural parts to provide customers with structural part process design, mold design and development, mold manufacturing, and metal structural parts production. The integrated sales service responds to customer needs more efficiently. Since automobile stamping dies are the basic equipment for the production of downstream automobile metal structural parts, mold manufacturers usually have a relatively in-depth understanding of the market demand, process flow, and sales channels of automobile metal structural parts.

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